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Scan, Clean & Repair Your PC
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Recommended: For removing unwanted applications while speeding up your PC speed, download Spyware King.

Spyware King is a lightweight application that offers increased protection against known malicious infections. The developers of Spyware King are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and have created software that has been downloaded by over 30 million people.

You can download Spyware King by click the green "Download Now" button to the right.

Spyware King may help remove:
  • Malicious trojans
  • Windows backdoors
  • Keyloggers
  • Tracking cookies
  • Spam bots
  • Rouge Adware
  • Hidden Malware
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Online threats
  • Browser hijacks
  • Unwanted applications
  • Malicious toolbars
  • Web trackers
  • Ad injections
  • Fake AntiVirus

3 Steps to Scan, Clean & Repair Your PC:

Download Spyware King

Spyware King takes less than 30 seconds to download. Spyware King's proven scan technology is 100% compatible with all Windows computers. The software will scan and find undesirable programs and tracking cookies installed on your PC. Spyware King is also developed by Microsoft Gold Certified Partners that are experts in their field.


Click "Run" to begin Installing Spyware King

After you download Spyware King, your browser may prompt you to "Run" or "Save", click Run to instantly begin the installation. If you're using Firefox or Chrome browser, simply double-click the file that was downloaded - SpywareKingSetup.exe to begin the install.


Let Spyware King run a FREE scan (2 minutes)

Our scan technology can complete a thorough scan within typically 5 minutes, and can automatically rescan your PC on a regular basis. This ensures your PC is protected not only now but on a regular basis. The only way to stay protected is to continuously scan your PC for malware and spyware.

Here's how easy it is to use Spyware King:

Initial system scan

Right after you install Spyware King, it spends about 2 minutes scanning your PC registry. It also looks for corrupt files, broken links and rogue errors.

AntiMalware's scan one of the fastest in the industry and has been continuously improved for the past 5 years.

Error scan results

After Spyware King is finished scanning your system for corrupt errors, it reports its finding to you.

It's here Spyware King makes recommendations on which errors to fix immediately as well as how critical these errors are. The easy color coded meters show you exactly how vital each area of your PC is affected by these errors.

Repair and fix errors

Spyware King now will fix all registry errors, improving the stability and speed of your system dramatically. The fixing processing is fast and is reversible incase you undo any changes.

With Spyware King, you can always be guaranteed to fix all your PC errors.

Spyware King is Safe, Secure & 100% Free to Download

Spyware King is proven: Its fast scan technology, and great user interface make it the industry leader in registry scanning. It's so easy to get your computer fixed with Spyware King, every computer should have this software on it.